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Slowly handmade in India, our lastest additions to our 2024 collection are a mix of classic pieces and silhouettes that will inspire you for years to come.

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Ekaja is driven by a core philosophy: build a wardrobe for life. It should be filled with clothes that fit well, are of high quality and is practical. With clothing as a necessity and a virtue, timeless pieces will never go out of style.

We strive to create a community full of like-minded individuals that share our ideology by curating the best essential styles for them to revisit again and again.

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"People are so different from one another that it is an unreasonable expectation that our clothes should be sized uniformly.”


Vanity-sizing is a myth. Our bodies are unique and we at Ekaja, understand this. We encourage bringing back made-to-order and bespoke practices. Each piece of clothing is tailored to fit each customer.